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  1. Thanks, Bernard. Much appreciation for your work and presence here, and thanks for the lead. All the best! Jay
  2. This is a really interesting project, and it looks like something that I can use in an upcoming project. I wondered about the current state of this. Geowire.org doesn't seem to be up at this point. Is source available? Many thanks, Jay
  3. yum install gd gd-devel php-gd did the trick. Thanks for your help...
  4. New to PW and intrigued. Installing on a newly formatted Fedora box in the hopes of getting up-to-date apps out of the box. As PW checked the system, it found the above issue. From the command line, I ran yum install php-gd. System responded php-dg-5.5.14-1.fc20.i686 already installed and latest version. Nothing to do. Not sure precisely how to decipher the version number, but it looks like 5.5.14. Do I need to downgrade? Or? Many thanks... (Tried checking the fora, but didn't come up with a similar thread. Search doesn't like GD -- too short...)
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