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  1. Solution with processing module didn't work since processing module works with admin page only, and login is required for admin pages. I'm working on simple module for user register/login/logout, very basic one, and I wanted to have common url for all module related stuff. Like at least: www.example.com/user (not to mention /user/login, /user/register, /user/logout). I don't really like the idea of placing business logic in template files, and I would like to avoid it. At the moment I'm going back to where i started and i will prepare some in-between solution - I will create a hidden page (accessed by /user/), and I will hook to on before render, and check if I'm on that page, and then process any proper requests, and finally I'll do redirection (so /user/ page won't be rendered). And I could really form question otherwise since I also wanted to know how to connect module with specific url (so it can be used as form action for post requests).
  2. So, how is it going? I've started to write my own module for register/login/logout, but maybe you would like to share your solution? Though, I'm not convinced about your choice to use two modules instead of one, but on the other hand - maybe I don't understand something yet .
  3. I'm aware of that. I want to know how should I "handle" the process of receiving data from post in terms of what url form should point to? At the moment I do request to current page, and in each "page render" i check if its maybe the post request I'm interested in. Usually (other frameworks) this is done by some kind of controller logic which can be connected to certain urls - so i some controller action I'm pretty sure that I should expect certain post request, because it shouldn't be accessed otherwise. In my current scenario I have to check if post variables exists and even if not I have to process request normally since its some "page render" (some other page for example, without form). Can I somehow map my module action to certain url??? Is there an hook for this?
  4. Ok, now a simple (?) and basic question: What is the proper way of handling post request in a module. Currently I add hook before page render, and then check if specific post variables are defined. However I'm not sure if its the best solution. Any suggestions?
  5. Wire is awesome

  6. Hi, simple (?) question - how to cancel module uninstall in ___uninstall method? Return false doesn't work, should I throw some kind of Exception?
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