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  1. Thanks a lot guys. In J and W forums it takes days for 2 replays usually. I am not afraid of new knowledge kongondo. Quite the opposite but the fact is I am bit in a hurry since it is my website. It is so old it is hurting my business but I'd really like to do it my self. Quite new to web development. Unfortunately not so skilled with coding yet. Basic sites gallery-here, about-there, few videos-over there are not problem but I must admit that I am a little intimidated by this project. Thanks for the support and hope I want annoy you with all help cries in the following weeks. Or months .
  2. Great work. I love the site. I have similar task ahead and I am complete novice to PW. I'd appreciate if you could take a look of my thread and let me know what you think. http://processwire.com/talk/topic/5590-building-a-real-estate-site-and-tools/
  3. Thanks Joss, I have seen the site before. Great work. Looks and feels great. After reading the thread you pointed me to I got some answers regarding weather or not it could be done. But most important question is still open. Is it easier to do it with PW than Joomla or WP? Especially for the agents interface side.
  4. Hi guys. I did some sites in Joomla and Worpress before and it all worked fine. But now I have something more complex to do and both turned out to be to complicated It seems that all components are done without consulting people from the trade so I gave up on offered solutions and turned to CCK's and component creators. It could be done but with weeks or even months of hard work so I started searching fore something other than those two mentioned above and here I am. Is it possible to make with ProcessWire advanced real estate site and management tool with such ease like it is shown in tutorials? Basic functionality would be: listing and search of properties for rent and sale blog layout display and detail display gallery for each property google maps display of location google maps search user registration add to favorites function send to friend social share and so on for the agents front and back end editing restricted access to some sensitive informations (like landlords contact details, clients info and so on) adding property informations with some already defined values in dynamic fields (street names for instance) Jquery image upload (automatic resize, thumbnail creation, watermark add) I am sure you get the picture. Looking forward to some good news. Cheers, vladar PS. Just to get the idea what I need to re-do take a look of the old version of the site. www.hitprom.co.rs
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