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  1. Thanks! Yes, things are very strange: I have domainA running with PW 3.0.172 and it doesn't work, and domainB running with PW 3.0.172 and it works – in the same browser! So perhaps it depents on other things, like php version or web server? I'm still digging.
  2. Hello, my customer just told me he couldn't see the CKEditor in safari. I checked it in my 14.0.3, he is right, it is invisible. In Firefox everything works, so I have not noticed it. Did anyone had this, too? Perhaps it is something with the new data protection in safari?
  3. I have a problem with templates. In the header of my german/english page is sentence with html tags, as some words are smaller than others. And every page should have another sentence, but some might have the same. And it should be selectable for the user, so putting it directly in the template is no solution. I tried using the select option field, which can also have i18n options, but the html in the options is escaped.. so „A <span>journey</span> to <span>yourself...</span>“ is on the page. This is what I inserted in my template: if ($page->headersatz) echo $page->headersatz->value; Any ideas? Or any better idea? Thanks!
  4. @Stadtwerke_KA Ich hoffe nur, dass es so einen Quatsch nie bei euch gibt: https://t.co/qeTGPT564K

  5. @Sky_Service https://t.co/tRPcpA0ceB

  6. @KarlsruheTweets Kommt das nur einmal? Freitag kann ich leider nicht.

  7. @Nahtzugabe Scheinbar am Mittwoch: https://t.co/S2WoxRxmXr https://t.co/0Djn2LypKj

  8. There must be broken something with this template choosing thing and repeaters. I just tested it on another pw site, created a new repeater and it was displayed in the template list... Bug report: https://github.com/processwire/processwire-issues/issues/287
  9. Ok, that's what I thought (must be flags = 8 in the database? Thats given for the repeater fields).
  10. Hello, I copied my templates from another project, as it was very similar. But when I want to change the template, there are repeater fields for select, which aren't listed in the fields page: I tried to delete them in the database (having made a backup first), but then the stadtteilbuerger repeater was broken... So, first of all, why are there repeater fields for choosing as a template and how can I get rid of those old repeaters? Thanks, Beate
  11. Yeah! That's it Thanks to all. @Adrian: yes, I wanted all recent comments, not the one from one single entry.
  12. Thanks! Never thought this could work. But: are you sure about the syntax? $letzte_kommentare = $fields->find("kommentare,sort=created,limit=5"); doesn't work, Fatal error: Exception: Unknown Selector operator: '' -- was your selector value properly escaped? field='kommentare', value='', selector: 'kommentare,sort=created,limit=5' (in /var/www/vhosts/path_to_pw/wire/core/Selectors.php line 395) (the name of the date is created, looked it up in the database.
  13. Hello, On replacing Wordpress with PW, my blog is nearly ready, but I'd like to display the (5) recent comments in the sidebar. I googled for this but didn't find a solution. Can anyone help? Thanks, Beate
  14. Thank you very much! Works like a charm and is much cleaner than my code
  15. Thanks! This is indeed cool But not like desired.. Your code gives /filme/kultur/a/ /filme/kultur/b/ /filme/menschen/c/ /filme/menschen/d/ /filme/natur/e/ /filme/natur/f/ /filme/spielfilm/g/ /filme/spielfilm/h/ But I'd like to have /filme/kultur/a/ /filme/menschen/c/ /filme/natur/e/ /filme/spielfilm/g/ /filme/kultur/b/ /filme/menschen/d/ /filme/natur/f/ /filme/spielfilm/h/ and if I repeat the code I might get the same film twice...
  16. Hello, my menu is like this: /filme/ /filme/kultur/ /filme/natur/ /filme/menschen/ /filme/spielfilm/ And on the front page there should be 2 random films from each of this categories. How can I split the founded pages? $filme_kultur = $pages->find("template=film, sort=random, parent=/filme/kultur/, limit=2"); This dosn't work: $filme = $filme_kultur[0]->add($filme_natur[0])->add($filme_menschen[0])->add($filme_spielfilm[0])->add($filme_kultur[1])->add($filme_natur[1])->add($filme_menschen[1]); They should be in this order, and I could't call the find order twice because the random depents on the first call, so that I don't get the same film twice. Thanks!
  17. @MathildaKr oh, ok. aber das kann daheim auch ein Pflegedienst machen..

  18. @feinstoefflich der unten links ist Kurzgröße, sonst wäre der auch auf meiner Liste. Unten rechts hat keinen Verschluss, daher auch raus.

  19. @sr_rolando bei der iOS10-Vorstellung nicht aufgepasst? ?

  20. @tenc4te nach K'Lautern

  21. RT @halfbyte: Context free translations, part 254: (the culprit: day one) https://t.co/gM3iAwJdNK

  22. @silviii_t Sonnenbad gestern abend ebenso, da war schwimmen nur mäßig lustig.

  23. @burdastyle_de ??

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