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  1. I apologise horst. I'll try to explain this better, using real examples: www.streetboarding.org - (Main Website) - This is the ProcessWire site, located in the public_html directory. >>> www.streetboards.com.au - (Add-On domain) - This is my second website, located in the public_html/site-streetboards.com.au directory. Both of those are accessible by their respective URL's. That's cool. No more 403 Errors. I have set up a 301 redirect so that the subdomain www.streetboards.streetboarding.org (which is auto-created by cPanel when setting up the add-on domain) now redirects to www.streetboards.com.au instead.This redirect was done in cPanel, and it modified the .htacces within the public_html/site-streetboards.com.au folder to achieve this. I tried to set-up a 301 redirect on the directory www.streetboarding.org/site-streetboards.com.au to redirect to www.streetboards.com.au as well - But this one doesn't seem to work. The URL remains showing as 'www.streetboarding.org/site-streetboards.com.au' in my browser. This is my problem!Again, I set up this 301 redirect in cPanel, however I noticed that it puts the code for the redirect in the public_html (processwire) .htaccess this time. I hope I've explained it a bit better now? Any help is greatly appreciated. Happy to attach the .htaccess files if that assists? I suppose your method would make it much more organised. One question though - Would I need to set-up a 301 Redirect on my root public_html to the index.html file in the subfolder for my main site? If so, then my above problem is still relevent... as I would be left with the problem of www.example.com/example.com still showing...? Hi Joss, have you tried with your add-on sites browsing to those subfolders from your main sites URL? I mean, if you haven't set-up redirects then what's to stop people (and search engines) navigating to them?
  2. Now I have run into a bit of a problem. Both websites are working and accessible, however I want to clean things up for aesthetics and also for Search-Engine reasons... I want the websites to appear totally independent of each other. I set up a 301 Redirect in my cPanel so that www.secondwebsite.example.com redirects to www.secondwebsite.com - This works perfectly. - the code for this is added to the .htaccess file in public_html/site-secondwebsite.com I also set up a 301 Redirect in cPanel so that www.example.com/site-secondwebsite.com redirects to www.secondwebsite.com - This does NOT work - the code for this is added to the bottom of the ProcessWire .htaccess in public_html/ Does anyone have a solution? Once I fix this last issue, I'm good to go! Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  3. OK, I **think** I have found a solution / work-around for my issue. I found it when searching the ProcessWire forums, I stumbled across this post: http://processwire.com/talk/topic/1295-problems-setting-up-multisite/?p=11542 Ryan mentions that the .htaccess blocks access to any directory that doesn't begin with 'site-' for security purposes. So, I simply deleted my add-on domain and re-added it with 'site-' at the start of its folder name. e.g. public_html/site-secondwebsite.com I can now leave my default .htaccess created by ProcessWire in the public_html directory, and now access a basic Hello World .html file in my add-on domains directory from the add-on domains URL: www.secondwebsite.com - YAY! I'm yet to test it out further, but for now it seems to have fixed my basic issue of the 403 Forbidden Error. I'll post back soon if I encounter any more problems. Cheers.
  4. G'day everyone I'm new to ProcessWire - hoping someone could help me out?? I've installed ProcessWire in my root (public_html) directory & all is good - I really like this CMS. Very happy I stumbled across it! Thank you! This processwire site is accessible from my main domain (www.example.com) - No problem. However... I also own another domain name which I want to use for an entirely seperate website, but hosted on the same server account. Now, I've done this before with basic web pages with no hassles. But, with ProcessWire already installed - I'm having issues? In my cPanel admin area I create an Add-On Domain (www.secondwebsite.com). This creates a new folder in the root e.g. public_html/secondwebsite.com, and also creates the subdomain secondwebsite.example.com (which I'll deal with later). So, I place a Hello World index.html file within the new public_html/secondwebsite.com folder - This is to be the front page of my second website (entirely seperate from the ProcessWire site). When I type www.secondwebsite.com in my web browser, it is supposed to load that index.html file... Instead, I am greeted with a 403 Forbidden Error: Spewing. I did a bit of Googling to try and find a solution and found this thread which seems to have the answer, but I just can't figure out how to apply it to ProcessWire? I applied the fix they suggest in that thread by adding: To the start of the .htaccess file in my public_html folder. No luck. I tried placing it in different areas of the file, such as after the ReWriteEngine on line... Still no luck. Now, I've verified that it is the ProcessWire .htaccess file which is causing the issue, as I renamed the file, and I was instantly able to access my Add-On Domain from www.secondwebsite.com Could someone PLEASE help me out with this issue? I really don't have much experience with .htaccess files. If I can't resolve this it messes up my website plans for using ProcessWire Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks. Nick
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