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  1. Some of our larger sites: http://onlineschool.ca/ http://www.bconlineschool.ca/ http://www.icos.ca/ http://www.heritagechristian.ca/ http://www.kcc.net/ An example of a smaller site: http://www.bcconvention.ca/ Some of these we may be able to constrain to similar templates, onlineschool.ca and bconlineschool.ca for example. I frankly think that would be helpful for many reasons beyond CMS compatibility. But we still will have lots of fields and templates I'm quite certain. Also bear in mind, we're hoping to start redesigning many of our sites, that's part of why were looking for a CMS, so these can give you an idea of our scale, but don't try to analyse the html for template compatibility or anything like that. Thanks
  2. Thanks for your reply. Yes, I was describing using Apesia's Multisite module. I was aware Soma had done a re-write, but wasn't sure if it was tested and stable. Seeing it's only a bit over 200 lines does make it a bit more approachable, so maybe I'll try it. As for creating many site under 1 install, the only thing I've heard against it is that one needs to manage many templates and fields. I had thought the obvious thing was to prefix them with an abbreviation of the site name. Has anybody reported any stability issues with multiple sites, or is it just organization. We have 5 or 6 mid sized sites (50 - 200 pages), and probably 15 - 20 smallish (> 10 page) sites, and we want some of our less technical users to be able to edit content. I would just see it being a nightmare having to maintain seperate user accounts on 25 sites, whereas for multisite I would just create a user role for each site's template, and then assign user's whatever role's they need. My other option at this point seems to be SilverStripe, but I don't really care for it, so I'm hoping to make ProcessWire work for me. Thanks.
  3. My organization is looking at moving our various websites to a CMS. As we have probably 20 - 30 sites, I want to do a multisite setup, using the multisite module, so that we don't need to maintain so many duplicate user accounts for our content editors. I'm wondering how I'm supposed to hook into $page->rootParent to get it to return its appropriate child. I'm thinking I'll setup the page tree so that Home is just a dummy page, and all my real sites' homepages will be its direct children. That way I think I should be able to make the change to the rootParent method universal without having issues. How could I accomplish this? Am I making some horrible mistake which I have been unable to percieve thus far? Thanks.
  4. I haven't seen this addressed, so sorry if I missed it, but is it possible to have a a combination of multisite option #1, and option #2? That is, can I have, say, 4 sites in one db and 3 in another, all running off one /wire folder?
  5. Depending on your host, you may be able to creatte a symlink by uploading a php file with the appropriate code, and then visiting its url in your browser. See php.net/symlink
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