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  1. Module works fine with YouTube and Vimeo Links, but all other (Instagram, Twitter,Facebook, ...) do not work. My core-version is 3.0.98, module-version is 1.2.2.
  2. Hi kongondo, so I see, there's another thing for me to learn ... Thanks
  3. Thanks kongondo, sometimes it is hard for a non native speaker to bring it to the point ... I just wanted to know, if there is a way to have the checkbox for status/hidden already been checked (of course only when needed) when I start a new page. This would be fine, for I forget this once in a while. hajo
  4. Hi horst, thanks for your answer, but I chose the wrong word. Instead of unpublished I wanted the page set as hidden, not having to check "hidden" each time I, or the customer creates a new page. If this could be done with a hook I'll try this, otherwise I take the hidden parent page. Hajo
  5. Hi folks, is it possible to have new subpages set as "hidden" by default, just to prevent unwanted publishing of a page, or is it better to use an additional hidden page as parent? hajo
  6. Hi kongondo, Thanks for your reply. That's what I call fast. I think this will help. Maybe simply too easy to see ... -- blinded by the light --
  7. Hello together, I came across PW a couple of weeks ago, and since I got familiar with the pages-concept I managed to relaunch my own website (www.edv-service-zitzkowski.de) in relatively short time. That led me to the decision to use PW for all further projects, and convert older projects, where applicable. Although these projects are not too sophisticated, I came to a sudden stop. If a menu-item has no content of its own for some reason, I want to redirect to the first subpage automaticly. First I thought the URL-fieldtype would help me with that, but unfortunately gave me nothing but a 404. After unsuccessfully browsing the forum, I think I just ask. Regards Hajo
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