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  1. The issue, which I'd like to call Agent Smith Bug, that caused a Repeater/RepeaterMatrix field copying itself onto other same type fields while erasing the contents of the fields happened to me inversely without warning. Fortunately, it happened on a site while it's in development. I installed the module way before while browsing for new modules in the directory, and I forgot it was ever installed. It was later I upgraded the core many times, and available modules with the ProcessWireUpgrade module and later I installed the ProFields. I think we need a special cross-checking notification system, just like a product changes its price or availability in Amazon's shopping cart. One way it was achieved, while you're installing a module it shows a warning for the system version. Right there, a system should notify us with a critical warning that module x would possibly break the behavior of module y. In my case, it would be great if the ProFields installation notified me. But how can it know? (Reminds me the Project Insight scene of Winter Soldier) As humans, we can't check every issue, every board entry. Hence we need a database, testers, modifiers, structural changes, etc. Too many resources, scratch this idea.
  2. RT @veitchtweets: Love this

  3. “First Inaugural Firefox Census” It’s really fun… Give it a try. #firefoxcensus

  4. The rise of robots: forget evil AI – the real risk is far more insidious

  5. Good things come in 10,000s. Happy #10kDays to the Web ?

  6. RT @blprnt: Let's all look at @quasimondo's terrifying neural net faces, then send him our therapy bills:

  7. RT @claudioguglieri: New at last!

  8. RT @elonmusk: Just wanted to write a note of appreciation for all those who have supported Tesla, SpaceX & SolarCity over the years. Thank…

  9. 'You were Charlie, you were Paris. Will you be Ankara?'

  10. And then, there is #AlphaGo.

  11. RT @jhchen: Advice to Open Source Project Contributors -

  12. RT @Ankaman616: Editor: "I dare you to do it."Picture Desk: "I can't, people will notice."Editor: "Pay you $20?"Picture Desk: https://t.…

  13. RT @conradhackett: This is probably the coolest bear density map you’ll ever see

  14. RT @ZogStriP: Excellent diagram to help you understand the fundamental rules of #electricity

  15. RT @WIRED: NASA's awesome graphics standard manual is now free to download

  16. “What I learned about languages just by looking at a Turkish typewriter” by @mwichary

  17. RT @SciencePorn: The mass of a super-massive black hole measured in suns

  18. RT @alphabet: Well, that was an interesting way to end a Monday...

  19. If nothing else, just because of this you knew that your gov't f'ed up your economy. On a global scale.