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  1. That sure sound like it will do the job for me. I figured that something like this had to be available. Thank you.
  2. Sorry the Topic Title is such a mess. I'm unsure of the proper terms in PW. In the body block, that the user can edit for a page, I want them to be able to include a "widget" that can be evaluated and turned into html at render time. So, blah blah Do-Widget-X(parm1, parm2) <!-- add the dancing flowerpot here --> etc etc I have no idea where they might want the widget (if any) on the page. Is there a way in the template that I can look for "Do-Widget-X" and turn it into html? Is this a render type function? Hoping for some terms and ideas that I can further research -g
  3. Hi, I have just installed the product and my MySQL setup is using Named Pipes. I found that the install.php had a bit of an issue with this so I made some changes. Hope these'll help somebody and maybe make it into the product. Other than the install script, the rest seemed to work fine with the named pipe. Line 218: has: if(!isset($values['dbPass'])) $values['dbPass'] = ini_get("mysqli.default_pw"); added: if(!isset($values['dbSocket'])) $values['dbSocket'] = ini_get("mysqli.default_socket"); line 233: has: $this->input('dbPort', 'DB Port', $values['dbPort'], true); added: $this->input('dbSocket', 'DB Socket', $values['dbSocket'], true); line 275: was: $fields = array('dbUser', 'dbName', 'dbPass', 'dbHost', 'dbPort'); became: $fields = array('dbUser', 'dbName', 'dbPass', 'dbHost', 'dbPort', 'dbSocket'); line 283: was: if(!$values['dbUser'] || !$values['dbName'] || !$values['dbPort']) { became: if(!$values['dbUser'] || !$values['dbName'] || !( $values['dbPort'] || $values['dbSocket']) ) { line 289: was: $mysqli = new mysqli($values['dbHost'], $values['dbUser'], $values['dbPass'], $values['dbName'], $values['dbPort']); became: $mysqli = new mysqli($values['dbHost'], $values['dbUser'], $values['dbPass'], $values['dbName'], $values['dbPort'], $values['dbSocket']); line 336: had: "\n\$config->dbPort = '$values[dbPort]';" . added: "\n\$config->dbSocket = '" . addslashes($values['dbSocket']) ."';" . This seemed to do the trick for me. Hope it helps somebody. -g
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