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  1. Robert - spot on, just what I was looking for! Ryan - er...not sure what happened to my posts....it was early in the morning!
  2. Hi all I've created a new page in "Admin" and installed a custom process for it that lists pages from a specific parent. I have a custom role called "editor" who only has access to the "Pages" admin page acheived by not selecting the "Administrator User" in the permissions for the role. How can I adjust permissions so that I can create admin pages that users of my custom role can access? Thanks
  3. I just made one other little tweak so that the pages tree opens up at the level of the page you just deleted. After the page deleted exception; if(!$page->deleteable()) throw new WirePermissionException("You don't have access to delete that page"); I added the following to get the parent id; $parent_id = $page->parent_id; ...and then altered the redirect to; $this->session->redirect("../?open={$parent_id}");
  4. Finally found time to add this to my site! After making the changes suggested I was getting the following error after clicking delete; Can't save page 1323: /trash/1323_test_page/: Chosen parent '/trash/' already has a page named '1323_test_page' The page was still moved to trash though. I removed the following line and that fixed the error; $page->save(); I didn't try the module before making the changes, but I guess the change to; $this->pages->trash($page); calls the save page method anyway?
  5. Thanks for all the detail! When I initially said 'delete' I did have in mind 'move to trash' as in the action on the delete tab of a page. Nico - nice one with the module....I will install that later and I can use that as a basis for my 'archive' action!
  6. Hi Is it possible to create a plugin that will add extra actions to the page actions (edit | view | move)? I would like to add some extra actions like 'delete' and 'archive'. If so, please point me in the right direction. Many thanks!
  7. Hey everyone! Just finished my first PW site, redesign for existing client; www.vausecribb.co.uk PW is simply amazing! It is joy to work with! ;D
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