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  1. Thanks Wanze, Still stuck :-( I have my redirect URI in place, and adding your code I get: http://my-domain.com/processwire/google-analytics/?code=4/1EvNNUZlExIeUX6GBiba37TAXraQ.oons8j3yCt0bOl05ti8ZT3ZnnTcIggI Regards, Peter
  2. Great module! I only have one problem - cannot get it running on my VPS (runs great locally on MAMP). When trying to authenticate I get: Could not fetch the accessToken (Apache 2.2.5/PHP 5.4.19) I've tested it on two sites and also on a fresh install of the latest build - same result. Any ideas?
  3. Solved it like this: $lang = wire('user')->language; $label = 'label'; if (wire('user')->language->title != 'no'){ $label = "label{$lang}"; } Works great now
  4. Thanks Wanze, I got the if statement to work, but not the rest... $label = 'label'; if (wire('user')->language->title != 'no'){ //Works $label = "label{wire('user')->language}"; //Doesn't work } Probably just a matter of correcting my syntax -Peter
  5. $label = 'label'; if ($user->language->title != 'no') { $label = "label{$user->language}"; } echo $page->fields->get('phone')->$label; The above code works great on a regular php page, but I can´t get it to work inside a function - yes, yes - newbie function renderAuthorData($page) { $na = "<span class='na'>n/a</span>"; $download = $page->files->first()->name; //Check if author is an employee $vista = $page->vista; if($vista == 1){ $label = 'label'; if ($user->language->title != 'no') { $label = "label{$user->language}"; } $out = "\n<table class='publication_data'>" . "\n\t<tbody>"; //Check if author has a specific function if($page->function){ $out .= "\n\t<tr><th>". ($page->fields->get('function')->$label) ."</th><td>". ($page->function ? $page->function : $na) . "</td></tr>"; } $out .= "\n\t<tr><th>". ($page->fields->get('author_title')->$label) ."</th><td>" . ($page->author_title ? : $na) . "</td></tr>" . "\n\t<tr><th>". ($page->fields->get('phone')->$label) ."</th><td>" . ($page->phone ? : $na) . "</td></tr>" . "\n\t<tr><th>". ($page->fields->get('author_email')->$label) ."</th><td>" . ($page->author_email ? : $na) . "</td></tr>" . "\n\t<tr><th>". ($page->fields->get('address')->$label) ."</th><td>" . ($page->address ? : $na) . "</td></tr>" . "\n\t<tr><th>CV</th><td><a href='{$page->files->first()->url}'>" . $download . "</a> ({$page->files->first()->filesizeStr})</td></tr>" . "\n\t</tbody>" . "\n</table>"; }else if($vista == 0){ $out = "\n\t<div style='clear:both;'><p>{$page->title} er ikke ansatt i Vista Analyse AS, men er medforfatter på følgende publikasjon(er):</p></div>"; } return $out; } It would be great to check for $user->language from inside a function. Can anyone help me with this? Probably very easy for someone with more PHP knowledge than me.... (The slightly modified code is from Ryan´s Skyscraper Profile - I have spent a few hours "dissecting" that profile to make a site for client - will share next week in the forum)
  6. Hi, Need some pointers porting a client's site (built by me with ExpressionEngine) to PW. My plan is to use the Skyscraper profile as a starting point. I have already converted the skyscraper profile to serve my purpose: The relation: 'skyscrapers -> cities -> architects' is now 'publications -> categories -> authors' I need help rewriting 'search.php' and 'search_form.php'. I want to add search for publications by categories/subcategories, only showing subcategories when needed in another dropdown. My categories/subcats: Publications (formerly 'cities') - Reports - sub cat 1 - sub cat 2 - sub cat 3 - sub cat 4 - sub cat 5 - Articles - Presentations - Miscellaneous Best regards, Peter
  7. Hi, I´m looking for a simple self-hosted helpdesk software (preferably PHP) that comes with a nice design out-of-the box (or at least one that can be easily styled). Been googling around for a while and found RT: Request Tracker (Perl). RT seems good, but I would like to get some opinions. ...or, maybe I should just get started building my own helpdesk with PW -Peter PS. Tested Ryan´s Pro Cache on two sites today and it's really lightning fast.............
  8. Testing dev branch on MAMP (PHP 5.4.4) and on my VPS (PHP 5.4.8). Getting the same error as apeisa on modules page: Error Class SessionHandlerDB contains 2 abstract methods and must therefore be declared abstract or implement the remaining methods (ConfigurableModule::__get, ConfigurableModule::__set) (line 195 of /home/tucamed2/public_html/wire/modules/Session/SessionHandlerDB/SessionHandlerDB.module)
  9. I get a 403 (forbidden) for all of them. Seems like LiteSpeed is taking care of the security issues: - Only LiteSpeed supports .htaccess with Apache compatibility. - Only LiteSpeed has a rewrite engine compatible with Apache mod_rewrite. - Only LiteSpeed has request filtering compatible with Apache mod_security - Only LiteSpeed can work flawlessly with control panels written for Apache Source: http://www.litespeedtech.com/hosting-control-panel-litespeed-web-server-=-the-best-choice-for-web-hosting.html -Peter
  10. I installed ProcessWire on a LiteSpeed server recently. Until now I don´t se any issues. I know that only Apache is supported, but apparently PW runs smoothly on LiteSpeed as well. Anyone else tried this out?
  11. Found PW recently - it's great! I can do the Norwegian translation (no-NO) if needed.
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