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  1. I guess you mean something else than what Joss, Arjen and I understand with microsites... Structuring out the website to allow for microsites is a question that not only Joss has, I am looking for information about this matter for quite some time here in the forum.
  2. Hi guys! On YouTube, members comment in any language. Strangely, Google doesn't have a one-click button on each comment that enables the reader to easily translate the comment into the reader's browser language. Therefore if the user doesn't understand the language, the comment is not read at all. Most users don't copy each comment that is written in a strange language and paste it on translate.google.com in order to be able to read and understand a comment. * Why didn't Google embed such a translate button on each comment that is posted below a video? On forums like this one here, the admin doesn't want/allow its members postings and threads in other languages. * Why doesn't the admin (e.g. Ryan) just embed a translate plug-in so that the website and the forum including each posting and each thread can be translated into the user's browser language with just one click if the user doesn't understand the language in which the content is written? Bitcointalk.org is one forum, but it is divided into several languages. This is a good solution. But most users don't visit the subforums of other languages even if they speak that other language, too. Therefore I think that offering subforums in different languages should be completed with a translate plug-in so that in each posting there is a translate button and the translation engine automatically detects the language in which the posting is written and also detects the users browser language. So with just one click, the user can easily get the posting translated into his own language. * Why do you think do forum admins (like Ryan) reject having subforums in other languages with a translate plug-in installed in their forum engine? * If it is good for forum engines, then it should also be good for blog engines, or what are your arguments for differentiating between forum software and blog engine? * Does the SEO of websites and forums having content in different languages on the same page or thread get hurt and is the website and forum get punished by Google as far as the ranking is concerned? To my mind it is essential that the website's content is automatically displayed in the user's browser language as long as the website is offered in that language. And if it is not offered in the user's browser language, then the translate button should be displayed above each text field. I like Neil's and Diogo's recommendation as long as the users' participation (writing comments, not just reading) is desired by the admin.
  3. Thanks, Ryan, simple solutions are always great. I have come to the conclusion that for my web endeavor, I actually don't need the PW multi-site support. That's because PW allows me to regard a tree of pages as a website and I can make use of access control templates. For each tree, I would apply domain mapping. Is that possible with PW 2.4? Each tree would get an own blog module. Each tree (=website) has an own search module. I would have to limit the search feature to that tree of pages. Is there a search module where I can set restrictions for the search? I would install a search module for each tree. Let me call it 'tree-search'. Like a blog module and a search module for each tree, I also like to install a forum module and a shop for each tree. Is there anything like that? To my mind, this is the only elegant solution to host multiple websites on PW having just one database and thereby enabling the users to register and login only once and not on each website. It would be great if the 'tree-forum' and the 'tree-shop' would be open-source and similar to the architecture of PW. Then an own developer community for the tree-shop and for the tree-forum would be created. And Processwire.com would no longer need to use InvisionPower-Board anymore. I believe that with an architecture similar to that of PW, an open-source tree-forum and an open-source tree-shop could easily compete with my favorite forum software xenForo and with any established open-source shopping cart.
  4. Thank you for welcoming me. I like the friendly atmosphere here in the PW forum. Please keep in mind that everything is stored in the same web hosting account and that all websites and the forum and the shop is accessible under one and the same domain (www.maindomain.com , www.maindomain.com/website2 , www.maindomain.com/website3 , www.maindomain.com/forum , www.maindomain.com/shop ). The fact that for all websites except the main website domain mapping is used, shouldn't create any problems when bridging the database of each website, of the forum and of the shop with the main website. If someone can offer such a bridge, then it can only be for a CMF like ProcessWire. Otherwise PW's multi-site support cannot be used. In that case, on a single installation of PW all websites would run. This is possible because each page starts blank and would be developed like a new website. Then this singe PW database would have to be bridged with the forum software and the shopping cart. All three software are in the same web hosting account. This is the method used at the open-source CMS/CMF Pimcore. But Pimcore works with ExtJS and not with JQuery. Therefore Pimcore is very heavy and ProcessWire is light-weight. I really like to accomplish my web endeavor with ProcessWire. I hope you guys don't give up before even starting it.
  5. I would like to use ProcessWire for several websites. Each website has its own customized template. Each website makes extensive use of forms so that users can search for goods and services. Members of the site can add their own goods and services and they can be contacted by other members of the site. All websites will be accessible under the same domain (www.maindomain.com, www.maindomain.com/website2, www.maindomain.com/website3 and so on) Domain mapping will be used so that the own domain of the website is displayed. The own domain of the website is the name of the website. Users should not have to register on each website. Once the user has registered on one website, the member shall be logged in on all websites under the same username and password. Obviously, all websites need to share one and the same database. Multiple websites at independent domains and subdomains from the same ProcessWire installation and web hosting account using the same database can be realized by installing the 3rd party module "Multisite module". This 3rd party module, however, means additional work through upgrades etc. and the ProcessWire API usage must be coded in recognition of the multi-site environment. Therefore this method is no option for me. Luckily, multi-site support is built into ProcessWire's core and thus doesn't require installation of any module. Multiple sites are running on the same web account and ProcessWire installation. I want to make use of this method. But as each site is maintaining its own database (and /site/ directory), I need a solution so that when a user is registered and logged in on one website, the user is automatically logged in on all websites. The websites shall also be connected with a forum software (xenForo) and with a shopping cart (one that is similar to the architecture of PW). Both will be hosted in the same web account where PW is hosted. User registration shall be on the main website accessible under the main domain (www.maindomain.com/register). The user is free to log in on the website of his choice or in the forum or in the shop. After logging in, the user would be logged in throughout the whole web property (websites, forum, shop). As the database of the main website under the main domain (www.maindomain.com is displayed) contains the data for user registration, I may need a bridge to connect the login field on all other websites and forum and shop with that main database. In that main database not only the simple user registration data is stored, but also other essential member data that is required by the forum software, by the shopping cart, by some websites. All websites, the forum and the store are bridged with that main database so that they can make use of those additional data. I'm sure that I am not the only one who prefers the multi-site support built into PW's core and therefore many PW admins would want such a solution.
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