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  1. So it is, problem solved. Worst thing, i had read the docs about single and multiple images fields... mmm, guess is a newbie "thing", stuck in a problem with the solution right in front of you. Thank you!
  2. Hello, absolutely newbie here, understanding PW. One problem i can´t solve, in a template file i want to output an image field, so following the docs: <?php if($page->featuredImg) echo "<img src='{$page->featuredImg->url}'>"; ?> but what i get is the url whithout the image file name at the end: /IntegralPW/site/assets/files/1009/ so the image is not displayed. The image file exits in the directory, the template file has been assigned to the page, the field to the template...¿? Didn´t find any reference about this in the forums, maybe a miss out something in the docs? Thanks in advance.
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