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  1. Yess thank you very much! I was in the assumption that repeaters where the same structure as pages, so i was confused why the selector didnt work..
  2. Hi All, maybe a really stupid question, but is there a way to sort repeater items on -created? Like $page->social_activity('limit=10,sort=created'), with 'social_activity' as the repeater field? Tried this but it didnt work ? Any help appreciated!
  3. I ended up having a repeater in each userPage, when someone likes a photo, a Ajax request is sent and adding an item to the repeater, storing userId and the action (eg. like, follow comment oid). Then i built a simple notification window, which reads the repeater in the user-specific page and displays the correct message.
  4. Ah that indeed would be a good start i guess. Thanks for your replies. I will make a start of the functionality tonight and keep u updated with the progress
  5. Thanks. I already have a sort of page structure with images and users. So when a user likes a image, the image id is stored in a field in the user template so i can keep track on which user likes which image. The image itself is a page containing data of the image (title, description, exif data of the image, user_id who added the image, etc). Of course I can add the user_ids to a field to the image page itself, but that doesn't keep track if the user of which the image belongs to has 'seen' the notification.
  6. Thanks for the suggestions guys. Another question; how do i store these 'notifications' in my processwire installation, and how do i check whether they are 'read or seen' by the user, and thus delete them?
  7. Hi all, Im currently building a photo sharing website and have a first version finished. Next step is to incorporate notifications in the website if a user likes one of your photo's, or comments on a photo you posted. Just like the notification bell at the top of the forums. Any idea how to approach this functionality? Thanks in advance.
  8. If i let any of these uncommented, # Options -Indexes # Options +FollowSymLinks # Options +SymLinksifOwnerMatch theres a 500 error... with all commented it works..
  9. Hi there, I got the same error, ProcessWire 2.3, there is no logs folder in my assets folder.. i also changed the debug mode to true, but no results.. Also tried the commenting as mentioned above in my .htaccess but still no luck Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
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