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  1. This is exactly what I am doing... and I am using your formbuilder. I have a couple of registration forms - one shorter, one longer. The submissions are tagged as either subscribers or contributors and sent manually, to the document tree where I created: users --subscribers -----name --contributors -----name Contributors have access to the submission form pages that work like the example you cited to send data but not edit. Subscribers have access to view full detail pages, but they don't submit anything. Getting these entries into Admin > Access > Users is the question. It seems that users should be managed through this internal function since that provides login, reset password, etc. And in the back end, I can always add users manually, but I'm not sure (read: clueless) as to how to get those three fields: email, name, roles from the collected form entry into users...
  2. So this gives me: Call to a member function first() on a non-object (line 7 -- which is the line: $img = $image->first()->size(320, 180)->url; And most of my errors seemed to be like this. The field is a single image field, not a multiple image field.
  3. ** Actually the field is a single image field called "image" ... used for news features that have one teaser image...
  4. I came across a foreach example that I was able to customize a bit without several error messages. Yes, I am new. Be kind... coming from Modx. Basically, 80% of what I need in most web development is: bring back a bunch of fields from THIS parent page or THIS template... and display a limited number... sorted by whatever.... home page features, carousels, masonry... it's everywhere This is a basic sample for news items on a sample home page - 3 across the bottom. What I can't seem to incorporate is the ability to say: $img = $image->size(320,180); No matter what image size has been uploaded, in the display we want it to be 320 px by 240px. I can do the images alone... foreach($images as $image) but I can't seem to get that into this foreach and I assume it's because I am using $features at the top ... I'd be happy to call it $pages or $penguin or anything... I just want to keep the ability to use the same thing in about 3-6 locations within a website by changing the template name... since this is a very common function. Thank you! $features = $pages->find("template=newsitem, limit=3, sort=-date"); foreach($features as $feature) { echo "<div class='column is-4' >" . "<img src='{$feature->image->url}' alt='' />" . "<h3 class='title is-4'><a href='{$feature->url}'>{$feature->title}</a></h3>" . "<p><span class='date'>{$feature->date} • </span>" . "{$feature->summary}</p>" . "</div>"; }
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