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  1. Pete: You got that right, it is gamobot.com... Not a bad job on strategycore.co.uk! I'm starting to see that the size of the db won't be an issue... I need to align my strategy to migrate it which is going to be fun. I better stock up on Aspirin!
  2. You're right, it is relative. I have a db of over 1200 games, and a membership count of 100,000 users. Not quite a million pages. However, migrating the db over is a crucial issue for me to go ahead. I will scour around this forum and investigate more and learn more about PW. Thanks for your help. Further comments, feedback is welcome since I'm a newbie here.
  3. I am the co-founder of a gaming platform, and I have the fun task of building a new architecture for the entire thing. I am leaning on going with ProcessWire. Would appreciate some help from the community here. I have a question below, and a partnership opportunity. - Would it be technically possible to import a massive database (MySQL) that contains games, info, user info, etc.? I am looking at rebuilding the entire platform but I need to keep the current data as a starting point. On to the next topic. I've spent the last 15 years working in international software business development. (selling and marketing). I used to be a coder, but I'm practically starting from scratch. If there's anyone who wants to collaborate, I would be interested in networking. I have a lot of contacts and could surely get something going with the right partner. My primary objective is to get the aforementioned platform going for now, but once I get a handle on this, I could surely get a multitude of contracts... In fact one of my contacts already went with PW which is how I found out about it. Kal
  4. Hey Wanze... Thanks for the reply. That pretty much answers my questions. I'm gonna do a little more hunting online, and I'll probably d/l the PW software over the weekend and start playing with it...
  5. I am tasked at making a decision on a platform/CMS to rebuild a large casual gaming portal. It will host over 1000 flash games, and we're planning to introduce HTML5 games as well in 2014. I have a series of questions, and if the members on here could help me out, it would be greatly appreciated: - Can PW handle a large db of flash and/or html5 games reliably? - Do you see any issues importing a MySQL db that contains this game related data? - Any recommendations on how to map a functional spec specific to PW? Thanks, I am new to PW, and would appreciate some feedback. / Kal
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