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  1. Thanks adrian and slkwrm. $today = strtotime('today midnight'); This made my code a bit cleaner
  2. Here's a couple of problems I need help with. I have a schedule page with a repeater field which has besides other fields a date field. Right now it displays all items. What I would like it to do is to only show future items and todays item. The code I'm using: <?php foreach($page->schedule as $schedule_item) { ?> <p><?=$schedule_item->schedule_date?></p> <p><?=$schedule_item->location->title?></p> <?php if($schedule_item->location->location_url) { ?> <p><a href="<?=$schedule_item->location->location_url?>">Karta</a></p> <?php } ?> <p><?=$schedule_item->starts?></p> <p><?=$schedule_item->ends?></p> <?php } ?> I would also like a "next schedule item" thingy on the homepage, which would only show the next item on the schedule or todays schedule. Any help appreciated! Edit: I found help on a couple of threads here Here's how I got it working. Show only future items and todays item: <?php $today = strtotime(date("Y-m-d") . " 00:00:00"); foreach($schedule_items = $page->schedule->find("schedule_date>=$today") as $schedule_item) { ?> To show only one item on the homepage I just added limit=1: <?php $today = strtotime(date("Y-m-d") . " 00:00:00"); foreach($schedule_items = $pages->get(1007)->schedule->find("limit=1, schedule_date>=$today") as $schedule_item) { ?>
  3. I still think it's not clear enough. I remember the first time when I looked at the breadcrumb and thought "I wonder what that home icon does". I was surprised to end up in the site. Edit: It seems that adrian agrees with me, hehe
  4. The home icon in the breadcumb functions as the "View site" button right now. But I agree with you that it should be elsewhere, and have it's own icon.
  5. Manfred, those were some nice skins. Thank you. I decided to use the bootstrap one. I would love to use version 4, but I think I'll have to wait for Ryan to update to it. Or have you managed to update to version 4?
  6. Thanks Ryan. This means I'll have to stay with tinymce. The only reason I wanted ckeditor was the look, but the default grey skin in tinymce is good enough.
  7. Is there a way to control tag useage like in tinymce with the valid elements option? The extra allowed content option seems to be as the name suggests, just a second layer of control. I would like to restrict the tags to just the basics. I would also like to force some values to my headings, which I accomplished in tinymce like this: h2[role:heading|aria-level:2] I searched the documentation, which wasn't to much help at all.
  8. Tried it. No improvement here. I tried both jpg and png. It's strange because just a while ago I uploaded two screenshots.
  9. Sorry, same problem. Tried with jpg and png. I'll email them.
  10. The border radius is now gone from the sub menus in the new version The new font looks a little "jagged" here on firefox, as if it's not being displayed at it's recommended size. Also I found a strange visual behavior on select elements when hovered on. I tried to post screenshots but it wouldn't let me? I get a message that says: "You are not allowed to use that image extension on this community." Anyway, I'm really happy with the new theme.
  11. We really appreciate this Ryan. I like the bigger font size and added padding. The futura color theme matched the company's website I'm working on right now almost perfectly One thing that still bothers me a little is the rounded corners on submenu items when hovered over with the mouse. Not a big thing, but still wanted to give a little constructive criticism. Thank you for your work!
  12. Yes! I also think that the admin should be as neutral design wise as you said as possible. A good example of this is Nico Knolls Dark Business, appy, clean and neutral design.
  13. I had the same problem. I just thought I had missed something I fixed it by renaming main-classic.css to main.css and replacing that one with the original.
  14. Got it. Thanks! Ahhh. Much better with 1.6em Even though some margins and paddings are proportionally too small.
  15. Wow! Thank you Ryan. A big improvement from the old theme. I get this message when I press the "Add new" button: "Not yet configured: See template family settings." What am I supposed to do in the "Family" tab? One more thing, I would like the base font size to be larger. Right now I have to squint to see some texts. Maybe it's just me but I like large font sizes. Is there a way to easily increase the base font size?
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