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  1. Hi Luis, I am trying to incorporate this calander into a new site I am creating. I have been having problems trying to get events from my database into the calander, that's when I stumbled upon your tutorial. Let me state that I am not using Processwire. I have a php page and I am connecting to a mysql database. I followed your tutorial and have added all the files and updated the script to add getEvents() function. Here is my part of my code with the getEvents function. mysql_select_db($database_rsCalData, $rsCalData); $query_rsgetevents = "SELECT * FROM calendar_events"; $rsgetevents = mysql_query($query_rsgetevents, $rsCalData) or die(mysql_error()); $row_rsgetevents = mysql_fetch_assoc($rsgetevents); $totalRows_rsgetevents = mysql_num_rows($rsgetevents); function getEvents() { $i=0; while ($i< $totalRows_rsgetevents) { $month=mysql_result($rsgetevents,$i,"event_month"); if(strlen($month) < 2) { // this is incase only 1 digit was enter e.g. month 5 instead of 05 $month = "0" . $month; } $day=mysql_result($rsgetevents,$i,"event_day"); if(strlen($day) < 2) { $day = "0" . $day; } $year=mysql_result($rsgetevents,$i,"event_year"); $title=mysql_result($rsgetevents,$i,"event_title"); if ($i < $totalRows_rsgetevents -1) { echo "'$month-$day-$year' : '$title'"; } else { echo "'$month-$day-$year' : '$title'"; } $i++; } } ?> Right now I only have one record in my database. When I load the page my calander is blank. I commented out the following lines //function getEvents() { and the final bracket of the function //} So all I had was the while loop. When I reloaded the page my database data was echoed on the page. So I uncommented the two lines of the function and added the following code to the bottom of the getEvents function. $month="5"; if(strlen($month) < 2) { $month = "0" . $month;} $day="1"; if(strlen($day) < 2) { $day = "0" . $day;} $year="2013"; $title="Another Small Test "; $dmy ="$month - $day - $year"; echo "'$month-$day-$year' : '$title'"; I reloaded the page and the above data the "Another Small Test " was added to my calander on the 1st of May 2013 but my database data was not added. So I added some code and compared what was coming from my database and what I just entered above. I reloaded the page and they compare the same. I am at a loss as to why my data does not get posted to the calander when it is in the correct format, as far a I can assume. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Roland
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