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  1. @arjen,thanks for the tip, but it looks like strftime is used in the code of the module. Furthermore, it looks like the only thing regarding the date, that can be changed via the parameters is the date format. I don't see any way to hook into the code to change the date output.
  2. Hi Arjen and Soma. Thanks for helping. I am running the latest version and have been for the last day or so. I realize that Ryan has made a couple of changes today, but I am running version 2.0 and have been ever since I posted this first post. I have now updated it again from github, just like I did last night. I have just found out what I was missing. I had not seen that I could enter the Twitter app settings via the module settings: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s3/sh/20c34a3b-47fa-45da-b303-3dbea2adddb4/62e355680244c10271847a66dc91b753. It all makes sense now. One other thing I might like to ask is how to set a locale. I tried this: setlocale(LC_TIME, "da_DK"); $t = $modules->get('MarkupTwitterFeed'); But it won't work. Any ideas? My site can be seen here: http://vrweb.dk/
  3. Hi Soma. Yes, I saw that yesterday and downloaded it right away. But what is the feed that I enter into the $t = $modules->get('What-goes-here'); Can I see a working example?
  4. Could I see the code for a working example? I still don't know why I cannot get it to work. I am guessing it's my Twitter app I have created the wrong way, but am not sure.
  5. Hi Ben. Do you have an idea of how to get it working, what am I missing? Can you get it working with a single feed?
  6. Hi, I have just installed the MarkupTwitterFeed module, but for some reason I cannot find the right feed. I have created a Twitter app and maybe it is because I am doing it wrong in the process of doing that. Would anyone mind guiding me in the right direction to getting the right feed? By the way, the link to the Twitter application page is leading to a 404 github page here https://github.com/ryancramerdesign/MarkupTwitterFeed Thanks Vayu
  7. Hi. I am new to PW and spending some time at the moment trying to learn it. One thing I would like to have is a general settings page, a site wide settings page in the admin. A place, the site administrator can store contact info, site title and other general sitewide data info. I know that the Home page could be used for this, but for me this is not the right place for this kind of data. Data stored on the Home page is for the home page only. I would like to have this under the Setup page. What would be a good way to create this kind of settings page? Thanks Vayu
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