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  1. Thank you Ivan, I have installed it. And this is a nice looking keyboard on the picture.
  2. Hi, I have a question: Is it possible to use "STRG+S" to save a page when editing in the admin? Has anyone done this already? If yes, how?
  3. Hi FreeAgent, If I get you right, then you have a page with name "blog" under the homepage. If the current page is a child of "blog", you want to display the shares, right? if ($page->rootParent->name == "blog") { echo "social share stuff"; } // if this doesn't work, you can try additionally if ($page->rootParent->name == "blog" && $page->name != "blog") { echo "social share stuff"; } PS: the editor button with this sign: <> opens a box for code.
  4. $resultIsAString = renderChildrenOf($pa); echo $resultIsAString;
  5. I'm sure I have read about that already here: lmgtfy
  6. Pauline

    Light-years ahead

    ( http://makerfairehannover.com/ )
  7. I have very bad experiences with 1 & 1. I would go here: http://all-inkl.com/ you will pay 1 € more per month but you also have 5x more space, 5 mysql DBs, 3 domain names, etc. Also they have a very friendly and helpful phone and email support. (Phone to a normal local number, not to a high charged number for 1,90 per minute like 1&1) But in general the 1 & 1 tarif should allow a processwire installation, but only one! (Whereas at all-inkl.com you can install 5 in parrallel in 3 domains and / or subdomains)
  8. Hey Martin, basicaly you need to check for portrait or landscape oriented image first: $options = array('cropping'=>true, 'upscaling'=>false); // cropping => true is default and same like 'center' foreach($page->images as $img) { if($img->width > $img->height) { // check for orientation $thumb = $img->size(200, 100, $options); // we have a landscape oriented image } else { $thumb = $img->height(100, $options); // we have a portrait oriented image } // output your markup here echo "<img src='{$thumb->url}' alt='{$thumb->description}' />"; } In your special case you need to check for landscape oriented images that have a width more than two times the height: if($img->width > (2 * $img->height)) { // check for images with more than two times the width compared to the height $thumb = $img->size(200, 100, $options); // we have a landscape oriented image } else { $thumb = $img->height(100, $options); // we have a portrait oriented image }
  9. Hello, I want to tell the other children something: The "Green Monster" is really just a young man! I am 8 years old and also know ProcessWire. My father writes a lot on ProcessWire.
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