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  1. Hello processwire users i am new here. I used to do my sites with wordpress, but i read many good things about processwire and i would like to give it a try on a small project. I'd like to do a simple multilingual portfolio with a blog. I read a few tutorials and watch a few videos already. From what i understand there are many ways of using processwire to achieve this project. I would like to explain the website details so you could indicate me the right way to do it and the good modules to use. I already did the html / css / js for the front end. it is in 3 languages : english (en), spanish (es), french (fr) it uses 2 templates : project list, project page. 1. the project page contains the following informations : title description text date category tags photos (not translated) embeded content from the web (same for every language) the blog posts behave like projects posts. One category would just be named "blog". the url are like this : www.urlofthesite.com/language_code/date/project 2. the project list is used for homepage, categories page, tags pages the url are like this : homepage : www.urlofthesite.com/language_code/ www.urlofthesite.com/language_code/category_name/ www.urlofthesite.com/language_code/tag_name/ translations all the fields are translated except photos and medias. i would like to be able to translate tags and categories from one place and then assign them once to a project (and not re-type them in every translations) I would appreciate any advice or more about the best way to do a project like this. especially concerning the modules to use and the way to handle the translations. thank you
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