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  1. Currently installing Processwire on an Ubuntu dev PC with a standard LAMP setup (incl MariaDB) with aim to use the like of Vultr or Linode for live. The installer prompts for permission to /site/assets which has got me wondering; What is the ideal setup for a standard LAMP server on the likes of Vultr / Linode / Digital ocean? From a security standpoint should the site ideally be owned my the linux user, or by www-data? Or should it be www-data user owning writable folders and linux user owning the remainder? I guess not being a linux guru I'm unclear on linux permissions and how they work with LAMP. Should I be chown-ing and chmod-ing different folders or is Processwire just fine and reasonably secure running as user:user as it seems to be after install?
  2. Hi Patrick. I know this thread is a few months old, did you try MariaBD 10.6? I've just installed 10.6 a couple of hours ago on a large site and seeing no issues. Would be interested to know what any other running this have found, if anything.
  3. awesome, thanks for clarifying that, will set up a server and give it a go. Cheers
  4. Yeh thanks Robin, I'm looking over the Mailgun module now. I'm not sure how these wire mail modules fit in to PW exactly - ie, are they primarily designed for email from the likes of website contact forms or are they used by the entire Processwire system itself when sending system email, do you know?
  5. Thanks Gideon, but looks like that also requires SMTP port (25 default) to be open which the VPS does not allow. That's why I was hoping for a solution using Mailgun or the like to bypass this block and send PW system email such as database errors etc
  6. Setting up a VPS for processwire site. Seems most VPSs block port 25 now by default. So I'm wondering how we setup to receive any error emails from Processwire? Is there a way to have Processwire send admin emails via Mailgun or the like?
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