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  1. Hello, I have read the documentation but I still do not see the errors. I did a ; after each if line but no luck. Anyone who can help me.
  2. I do not use a php editor at the moment. I use the text editor of my ftp-server. Can you recommend a good IDE. And I have read it but I do not see what you mean with nested tags. I use first a <php tag Then a if with the then between two {} and another if with also the then between two {} and then the end tag. Roelof
  3. Hello, I tried Template File Editor and it did not work for me. I could not goto several last characters and when I delete something the code were messed up. Roelof
  4. Hello, I did this so another css file is used when im not on the FrontPage. <?php if ($page->id==1) { <link type="text/css" href="<?php echo $config->urls->templates?>styles/twentythings.css" rel="stylesheet" media="screen" /> } if (!$page->id==1) { <link type="text/css" href="<?php echo $config->urls->templates?>styles/twentythings2.css" rel="stylesheet" media="screen" /> } ?> But now I see a 500 error. What did I do wrong ? Roelof Edit 1 : on the error.txt I see this message: Parse Error: syntax error, unexpected '
  5. Yes. I mean that one but I wonder if it's working with 3.x and if it's still maintained or if there is another module who can do this ?
  6. Nope, this one seems to be for textareas. I mean a editor where I can change the template files which are in site/templates.
  7. Hello, Is there a module except template file editor which I can use to change my template in the backend. I know template file editor but it seems not compatible with 3.x and I saw in the forum that the last question was in april with no answer. Roelof
  8. Found it myself. page->child->url did the trick. Roelof
  9. Also this : <a href="<?php echo $sibling->first;?>" class="open-book">BOEK OPENEN</a> is not working. On the source of the page I see then <a href=" " class="open book">BOEK OPENEN </a> Roelof
  10. Thanks . still no luck. I have this tree : homepage children : - Cities - Architects - Search But if I change page into siblings -> next or parent-next the url stays empty. Roelof
  11. Oke, everythings works now after another install.
  12. Thanks I try to understand why this happens. I have this : <a href='{$page->next->url}' But Pw makes this of it : <a href='{$page->next->url}' When I delete the ' then also the layout is messed up. See http://www.tamarawobben.nl
  13. Problem solved. Now solving a few minor css and next links problems and everything looks well. Roelof
  14. Hello Ryan, I tried to install yout theme exactly as described. But after the installation I only see iun the front page a 500 error and in the backend it looks like I have the standard theme installed. Can you help me figure out what went wrong so maybe I can make my site with PW. Roelof
  15. I did all the steps and im also sorry that it did not work for me. I still think the last problem is more a theming problem then that I do not understand how PW works, Roelof
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