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Cant delete images?


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I've upgraded to 2.5. I've notice that I cant delete images in new created image fields. Just wondering if im doing something wrong or anyone else have experience this ?


My old images fields are working fine...and when I make a clone of them they function properly.

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Ugpraded two sites 2.5 but didn't stumble upon this problem. But you could file a bug on github.

Maybe you replaced your index.php and forgot to set the permissions? (Not sure about this one, but worth a try).

Currently its set to -rw-rw-r-- is that wrong? It's  *@version 2.5

Have you checked site/assets/logs/ if anything is written in the logs there? What happens if you turn debug-mode on in site/config.php and try the same again?

I dont see any errors and debug is turn on. The images still cant be deleted on new image fields :(.

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One of my co-workers found the cause for my problem. The suhosin.ini on our server had a max length of 64 characters and we had to increased it to 128. 

hi, i have a similar problem now. Which value did you increase from 64 to 128 ?

My Problem: https://processwire.com/talk/topic/12207-suddenly-i-am-not-able-to-edit-fields-or-delete-images-in-home-page-root-page/

Maybe you got the solution for my problem :-) thank you in advance for your help

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