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"Best" server configuration for Processwire


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Hi everyone, 

I'm currently wondering what would be an optimal configuration to use on a VPS or dedicated server running Processwire. I'm referring to configuring Apache and PHP so that they offer the best environment for running Processwire with best performance while keeping the security as tight as reasonably possible.

I hope we can make a guide out of this for people like me who are not server administration veterans and just know how to compile Apache using EasyApache and tweak the PHP settings in WHM.

I'll take care of writing out the guide if you guys can supply the info. I'm obviously hoping that the man himself Ryan will pitch in and help out with this.  :grin:

Thanks in advance you awesome people!

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When I get a new VPS or dedicated server (usually from ServInt) the first things I ask them to do are:

  • Upgrade PHP to the latest version available (preferably 5.4+).
  • Install an opcode cache like APC (except for PHP 5.5, which apparently has one built in). 
  • Make sure that PDO is enabled (some ServInt default configs don't have it for some reason). 

I also usually make two tweaks to the php.in file:

  • Bump up the memory_limit to 128M or 256M. Not technically necessary, but nice when you need to import or manipulate a lot of data or deal with large photos. 
  • Bump up the upload_max_filesize and post_max_size to a number at least as large as the largest files I'll be uploading (usually 100M). 
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Thanks Ryan,

I just realized i was using suPHP as a PHP handler, and so eaccelerator wasn't even working. I did some reading and i just put in a ticket to Servint to switch to FastCGI and install APC.

Are you using FastCGI as well?

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