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Create a list field?


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Hi there - this is more out of curiosity than necessity, but here's my question. (I'm more of a designer than a developer, so sorry in advance if the answer is super-obvious.)

I want to create a field in a template where my client can enter a list of items to display in one section the site. For reference, I'm working on this: http://houchinswitt.com/new-site/#finplan. Right now, the first list is being populated with a Repeater field (using a single text line), but I feel like that's surplus to requirement. What I ultimately want is a simpler, fool-proof way of creating a list without my client having to use the TinyMCE list tool. 

What I'd MOST like is something like what happens when you create a Select field in the PW admin, and on the Details tab it gives you a text box where you just put in one item, hit enter, put in another item, hit enter, etc. If it's possible to do that (which I assume it is!) - can someone give an example of how I would break those values out of the database for presentation on the page?

I know this is probably over-complicating the issue, but, like I said, I'm curious... and I'm always looking for ways to keep things fool-proof for my clients. The Repeater field works, it's just overly fussy for a job this small.

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Hi daniel (right?) ;)

I think you may want to check out ryans "Newlines to Unordered list" textoformatter module.

This module converts newlines entered in a textarea to a list in your frontend.

It ships with the core but is not installed by default. Go to Modules > Textformatter > click Install

Now on your textarea field, go to the Details tab and choose this textformatter.

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Thanks, @Wanze!

Follow-up question: I have a class ("half") assigned to the list - how would I assign that class to the unordered list created by the textformatter module? I was able to easily output the entire <ul> and all the <li>'s just by using: <?=$page->finplan_assistance_list_items ?>, but if I want to "break in" and use that class on the <ul>, does anyone have ideas for that?

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Simplest solution may be this:

  $ul = str_replace('<ul>', '<ul class="half">', $page->finplan_assistance_list_items);
  echo $ul; 

You could also set the class with javascript.

Or copy the Textformatter module from /wire/modules/ in /site/modules/ - give it a new name, modify the code to your needs, install and use it.

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