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[SOLVED] Repeater field images not accessible on page that requires log in


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I have an area in the front end of a site that can be accessed only by logged-in users with a particular role.

The page works fine for such users, except that images in a repeater field don't appear.

Each image field within the repeater displays either the alt text or a placeholder (depending on which browser), but the image does not load.

Attempting to load one of the images on its own in a window using its URL also fails.

However, the images load correctly when the page is accessed by a superuser.

It thus seems as if users with the role don't have permission to access the images. I've tried specifically giving view access on the field settings, but it doesn't help. I can't think what other settings might work.

Does anyone know what I should be doing?


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"Prevent direct access to file assets owned by pages using this template?" is set to "No".

I tested the other two settings, and they didn't change anything.

Also, following on from your suggestion, I checked $config->pagefileSecure in wire/config.php, and it's set to "false".

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