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Problems with owner. selector


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I'm trying to use the owner selector to select on the id of the 'owner' page for a repeater.

For most of the repeaters I have, this seems to work fine. However, there is one instance where it doesn't work and I can't see why not. As a simple test, I used a selector like:

$p = $pages->get("template=repeater_sale_item, sale_item.owner.id=25348");

That works, but 

$p = $pages->get("template=repeater_stage, stage.owner.id=19363");

returns a null page.

Investigating more closely, the generated 'owner selector' for this is 

'templates_id=43|53, include=all, get_total=0, id=19363, stage.count>0'

It is stage.count>0 that is causing the problem - if I remove that from the selector then it finds the owner page correctly. However this owner page DOES have 9 'stage' repeaters and executing 


on the page in the Tracy console yields  the correct result of 9. None of the stages are hidden/unpublished etc. So why does stage.count>0 fail? ?

See the image below to illustrate the issue:


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