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Need help, data output from different pages.


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Good afternoon, everyone. Faced with the problem of displaying data on the main page. I'm asking for help since I'm just at the beginning of learning CMS. I have.

  • 1. Home
  • 2 Menu
  •  2.1 breakfast
  •  2.2 Lunches
  •  2.3 Already.

I need to take and items 2.1/2.2/2.3 the data from the assortment_name field is a Repeater. There are only 3 text fields. I don't know how to do it. Maybe someone will help.

There are also checkbox fields. This is usually if it is output to the main page. The name of the home_menu checkbox.



  • assortment_title - TextLanguage
  • assortment_price - Text
  • assortment_note - TextLanguage
  • assortment_icon - Options
  • home_menu - Checkbox 


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Everything coped helped in another place a little. Thank you all.

If someone needs a cheat sheet, then I pulled it all out. You can close the branch.


$hm_pages = $pages->find("assortment_name.home_menu=1");
                        if (!empty($hm_pages)) {
                            foreach ($hm_pages as $hm_page) {
                                foreach ($hm_page->assortment_name as $an_item) {
                                    if ($an_item->home_menu) {
                            <li class="ct-foodMenu">
                                <div class="ct-dottedBg"></div>
                                <label class="ptn13 ct-u-font2"><?php echo $an_item->assortment_title; ?>
                                if ($an_item->assortment_icon->count > 0) {
                                    foreach ($an_item->assortment_icon as $icon) {
                                             {  echo '<i class="' . $icon->title . '"></i>';}
                                ?><?php $icons = $an_item->assortment_icon; include 'assets/theme/_icon_assortment.php';?>
                                <span class="ptn13 ct-u-font1"><?php echo $an_item->assortment_price; ?></span>
                                <div class="clearfix"></div>
                                <div class="ct-u-foodIngredients"><?php echo $an_item->assortment_note; ?></div>


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Hi @siaweb,

Do visitors have access to the pages of the "assortment_name.home_menu=1" selector?

Did you try with include=all in the find()? Looks like an issue of access control: https://processwire.com/docs/selectors/#access_control

I personally think it would be better to resolve the access of the pages instead of using include=all, but you do you ?

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5 hours ago, Studio Lambelet said:


Доступны ли посетителям страницы селектора "имя_ассортимента.home_menu=1"?

Вы пытались  включить include=all  в find()? Похоже на проблему контроля доступа:  https://processwire.com/docs/selectors/#access_control

Я лично думаю, что было бы лучше разрешить доступ к страницам вместо использования include=all, но вы делаете ?

Thank you really with include=all everything works and shows well.

As for your first question, this page is available for viewing. I have a part of the assortment of the cafe displayed on the main page. The administrator puts a check mark that this element should be shown. That's all.

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