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AIOM in included file not working


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Just giving AIOM a try and installed it and it works on my JS files but not my CSS files. In my home index page I am using a pattern like this :-

<?php namespace ProcessWire; 


..HTML / Ajax here ...


and my _init.php has simply the Doctype, <html> opening <head> and my css declarations, closing </head> and opening <body>

my _main.php has my JS includes, closing </body> and </html>

Without AIOM it all works as I expect and validates correctly on W3. But when I add the AIOM to my css in my _init.php as below, I get Class 'ProcessWire\AllInOneMinify' not found.

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="<?php echo AllInOneMinify::CSS('css/stylesheet.css'); ?>">

If I remove it from the css files it works fine on the JS files in the _main.php.  I can't understand why it won't work on the css in the head of my project. Any ideas?

Next day: As a test, I moved one of my css links from the _init.php to the _main.php and hey presto it worked! I don't want it in the body part of my project as that's not the correct place for css files is it? I just wonder why when it's included in the head by my _init.php it doesn't know what AllInOneMinify is?

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