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WebAuthn Two Factor Authentication


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Some of you might of used my previous U2F module for their two factor needs. Well I was recently informed that Chrome is dropping plain U2F support in favour of WebAuthn. So after a full day of debugging some cryptic errors I am proud to announce a WebAuthn module.

This has some major improvements. For example you can now use on-device credentials like Windows Hello/Apple Touch ID. This means that even people without a Yubikey can benefit from modern two factor authentication.

It also has much better cross platform support. For example NFC will now work on an iPhone. I do not recall the original U2F stuff working well on iPhones so yay?

The is still the original issue that ProcessWire imposes with its Tfa class, That being it is a setup once and never edit again system so you can only add your on-device credentials for a single device because once saved you cant then edit your credentials on a second device.

You also lack the options to revoke a single credential or add a new one. You have to wipe out the config and re-add your keys again. It sucks but realisticly if you need more than 3x credentials your almost defeating the point of Tfa

I feel the need to also point out that this does not replace passwords. That is something WebAuthn can do a fully passwordless setup. But I think implementing that inside ProcessWire would be a huge challenge. It is frankly a form of magic that I was able to make WebAuthn work within the confides of ProcessWire's Tfa class.

Github: https://github.com/adamxp12/TfaWebAuthn

ProcessWire Modules: https://processwire.com/modules/tfa-web-authn/

I hope this module helps you guys out securing your ProcessWire websites

If you have any issues just reply and I will do my best to help you out


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