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Can I hook into Page->getFieldValue() ?


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GetFieldValue is responsible for performing access control to a field value, and denying access when applicable.

I would like to be able to log the access denied events (on Dev, for debugging purpose ; in Prod, for security monitoring purpose).

-> basically, I would need to do, via hook, the equivalent of the following addition :

protected function getFieldValue($key, $selector = '') {
        if($field->useRoles && $this->outputFormatting) {
            // API access may be limited when output formatting is ON
            if($field->flags & Field::flagAccessAPI) {
                // API access always allowed because of flag
            } else if($this->viewable($field)) {
                // User has view permission for this field
            } else {
                // API access is denied when output formatting is ON
                // so just return a blank value as defined by the Fieldtype
                // note: we do not store this blank value in the Page, so that
                // the real value can potentially be loaded later without output formatting
/*** CODE ADDED ***/
if ($this->wire()->config->is_logging_access_denied) {
    $log = $this->wire()->log;
    $log->save("errors", "Core access denied - field {$field->name}, template {$template->name}, page {$this->id}");  // + user & URL are auto-added to the log event
/*** ***/
                $value = $fieldtype->getBlankValue($this, $field);
                return $this->formatFieldValue($field, $value);


Question : Is it possible to somehow hook into this getFieldValue() method ? (in order to perform the above added processing via hook)

I don't think so (according to https://somatonic.github.io/Captain-Hook/index-dev.html), but I'm asking, for possible ideas.


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