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Women / Theatre / Justice


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I really must make more of an effort to add more sites to this forum - we've done some nice work really.

Women / Theatre / Justice is a case in point. WTJ is the umbrella title for research and public engagement activities undertaken by academics from various universities in partnership with Clean Break theatre company.

Clean Break was founded in the 1970s by two women in prison and focuses on using theatre to help create positive change in the lives of women with experience of the criminal justice system.

We wanted to reflect the origins of the organisation so we created a home made 'zine' like design with typewriter fonts and adding noise to the photographs and images to get a photocopied feel:



There's not too much bespoke coding going on functionally - we created the usual blog and events as well as a simple photogallery, but most of the technical effort went into working out the best way to apply textures and filters to the images so that the admins could upload new content without needing to phaff around in photoshop ( CSS 'backdrop-filter' for the win).

One interesting thing got thrown up in accessibility testing; originally we'd created the design using a fixed with typewriter font and even though we'd set a pretty large font size with good contrast that passed our automated accessibility testing, we found that real world users still had difficulty reading it. So we changed that to a more modern and readable slab serif. Testing with real users is always a good move.


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