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Conversations between Academics and Artists


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This was a site we put together for the department of Arts and Culture at Queen Mary University in London (QMUL).



QMUL invited artists to converse with academics from across the university: A dentist spoke to a sculptor. A performance artist to a historian. A mathematician to a choreographer...


The site needed to showcase not only the work of the artists but also reflect the back and forwards of the conversations which toook place during lockdown and were recorded over Zoom. We ended up implementing templates which allowed the admins to upload various different types of media for each side of the conversion - mostly video clips of the Zoom sessions but also slideshows, mp3 audio files, images and documents. To do this we used a few ProFields fields, most notably Repeater Matrix.


We also built a simple events management system for an online Conversation Week event.

Other modules we used included ProCache and Page Field Edit Links and Login Persist.

On the front end we used PhotoSwipe for the slideshows and Plyr for the embedded audio and video files (mostly to give a consistant look).

Oh and the css animated menu icon is from https://jonsuh.com/hamburgers/ - which are really useful (honestly I think I've used them in our last 4 projects).

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