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Regarding that "local file inclusion" vulnerability you may have come across on the 'net recently...


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Looks like someone (apparently a single user) has been going around forums and vulnerability databases posting about a ProcessWire "local file inclusion" vulnerability, claiming that in a specific old version of ProcessWire (2.4.0) simply passing "download" GET attribute to index.php is enough to download any local file on the system, including files that may be outside the ProcessWire installation path.

This is not a real ProcessWire vulnerability — this kind of argument has never existed in any version of the system. Simply put the report is either fake, mistake, or there could be some custom-built vulnerable piece of code (or other vulnerable software) on the host resulting in this behaviour.

We take such claims seriously, however unlikely they may seem, so just to make sure I've just checked parts of the codebase in both 2.4.0 (where this is supposedly occurring) as well as various later versions, and there's zero evidence to back this claim up. I've also manually tested this on various setups, including a brand new 2.4.0 installation, to no avail.

(Note: I wouldn't post about this here unless the original claim was relatively widely spread. Just felt it made sense to clear things up.)


That being said: as one builds sites using ProcessWire (just like with any other system) they need to be careful not to introduce vulnerabilities of their own. ProcessWire is armed with brilliant tools for preventing common vulnerabilities — the selector engine helps avoid various SQL issues, Sanitizer has many tools for cleaning up dirty data, SessionCSRF makes implementing proper CSRF protection downright trivial, etc. — but it can't protect you automatically from every mistake ?

More security tips: https://processwire.com/docs/security/.

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