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Setting page creator via API

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Hi everyone, 

I'm trying to work on automatically creating a page when a user signs up. 

Thing is the page created will be automatically assigned to them as the creator. How do I assign it to a different user? 

Been testing out various codes but it still wont work. Any idea? 

$memberpage = wire('pages')->add("blank", "/member/", ['title' => $user->name, 'name' => $user->name ]);
						$memberpage->set("createdUser", wire("users")->get("bobot"));

bobot is my user where I would like to set the page creator as. 

Sorry. Totally new on this. 

Thank in advance. 

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Check the "Advanced" tab in the Template settings. There you'll find an option to make the createdUser modifiable:


When checked, pages using this template will have an option to change the 'created by user' (for superusers only). It will also enable the $page->createdUser or $page->created_users_id fields to be saved via the API.


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