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Repeater Page Classes [Dev Version 3.0.152]


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Since i am using Repeaters in nearly every project, i would like to know if i could use PageClasses with Repeater Pages.

The repeater template is called: " repeater_files";

I tried

class RepeaterFilesPage extends Page {


class RepeaterFilesRepeaterPage extends RepeaterPage {

both aren't working.

I changed the filename to the classname in both cases.

Also what do you think about using PageClasses as Models and doing data related operations only through them?

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Welcome to the forum.

RepeaterPageArray object represents the value of a repeater field, related to the page where the repeater lives in.

A single item of this PageArray is an instance of class RepeaterPage. The class is set via FieldtypeRepeater::getPageClass(). This value is not changeable, the function not hookable. If you want to use a custom class for your repeater item objects with additional methods or properties, you need to create your own Fieldtype, derived from FieldtypeRepeater which includes your custom class and overwrites the getPageClass() function. Example where exactly this is done: FieldtypeRepeaterMatrix

Maybe related:



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Hi @Patrik97 It might be worth you saying what you're trying to achieve.

The kind of approach you describe would only rarely be necessary, though you may have particular needs.

I'm wondering if there might be a much easier way of doing things.


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Thank your for your replies.

As allotted to in the last sentence of my post i would like to use the Page classes as Models (as you would in an MCV framework) and the template files as controllers.

It seems to me like this would greatly improve the overall Project strucutrure.

Also i think testing should be way easier through theese page functions rather than url calls.

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Just my personal view, but PW isn't an MVC framework, so trying to make it behave like one doesn't really sound like a good plan. My guess is that you'd end up making things very difficult for little benefit. I'd suggest going about projects in a PW-like way unless there's a particular reason not to.

For testing, there are lots of tools out there, e.g. https://www.cypress.io/, and you might find this module useful: https://modules.processwire.com/modules/process-nette-tester/

And I'd strongly recommend this module: https://modules.processwire.com/modules/tracy-debugger/


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