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Front-end editing 'No changes to save' error

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  • 6 months later...

I've had this issue on some occasions, though for me it's been more like "sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't", rather than not working for some pages at all. Never could really debug what it was all about since these have been very random occurrences, but your guess about some sort of JavaScript conflict seems reasonable.

I've not had a proper look "under the hood" but I believe that front-end editing works by essentially duplicating your content behind the scenes, so the issue could also have something to do with the structure of the pages in question. Do they differ somehow from the pages where this works as expected?

When this happens, do you see any JS errors in the dev tools console? Do you have any particular JS libraries etc. loaded — jQuery and the likes? Also, which editing option are you using and which version of ProcessWire do you have installed?

Sorry for the load of questions — I'm really not sure what could cause this, but perhaps we can at least narrow it down a bit ?

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