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Guests cannot see translated page on front end. Redirects to default language.


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Hello everyone.

I have a multi-language site that has an issue with redirecting the user to the default language if they are not logged in regardless if they have visited a url for another language.

When I am logged in I am able to visit either language fine.

When I'm not logged in I get a 302 redirect to the default language. Example:

/es redirects to / if I'm not logged in. 


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You need to check the rights for the laguages currently not shown to guests. 

The language in general and on a per page base, I believe. 

(Currently on mobile, will provide a jpeg when back in office)


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You can enable / disable it in the page editor on the settings tab. There is a checkbox for each additional language near the inputfield for the language page name:



If you want to check / debug this in your template file(s) for some roles or users, you may add a code snippet like the following:

$languageWarning = '';
if(($user->isSuperuser() || $user->hasRole('NAME_OF_YOUR_EDITOR_ROLE')) && '1' != $page->status1063) {  // active checkbox is not ticked!
        // italien language is disabled !!
        $languageWarning = "<div style='text-align:center; margin:0; padding:0; min-height:30px; background-color:#EEFFEE;  color:red;'>
          !! WARNING: Content for Italian Language is disabled !! <br />
          Go to the settings tab in the editpage and check the box to activate it, if this is by mistake.
// change the number from status1063 to that from your language id, or you may derive it programatically from the languages object

In the page markup I output the content of $languageWarning, what only can have content for certain roles or users. Thus the output can stay in markup of production site templates with no harm.

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I do remember checking that the URL was enabled on the Home page so it should be available on all of the children pages as well- which has been what I've experienced before. Thanks for the code snippet- I'll start with that to start troubleshooting.


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@horst Thank you for that code. I was able to ensure that the language was being delivered properly. It turns out that the tech managing our in-house web server had very very aggressive caching enabled through Nginx and purging the entire site's cache fixed the issue.

The issues that were coming up didn't look like a caching issue so it was odd. Had odd URL issues and redirect looping. General recommendation to everyone is check with your server admin when all hope is lost...

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