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Enabling two equal languages (rather than a default and other)


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I need to set up a system that has two equal languages, neither being dominant. Therefore, English defaulting to the base url won't work (even though in Page -> Settings I have 'en' specified).

My initial idea was to force the display as 'en' for English but this doesn't work (the url is overriden to display as base url).

Alternatively, is there a way to change the default language without potentially breaking stuff? I have installed the language files for the other language.


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I might have answer to my own question. Posting for others who are new to PW.

In Module->Configue->LanguageSupportPageNames, at the bottom there is a collapse select which I didn't initially see:

Default language homepage URL is same as root URL?

Choose Yes if you want the homepage of your default language to be served by the root URL / (recommended). Choose No if you want your root URL to perform a redirect to /name/ (where /name/ is the default language name of your homepage).

Selecting No solved the issue as far as I can see

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