[closed] Seeking PW Guru

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Looking to hook up with a PW expert mentor on an ad hoc basis.

Immediate requirement is to help refine my coding for a small but complex site.

Site integrates with:
- Stripe (created a module to work with the Stripe API for subscriptions). Unfortunately in this case, Padloper only works with once-off product sales.
- BigCommerce shop (created a module to work with the BigCommerce API to assign subscribed PW members to a BC customer group & when a logged-in user clicks a on front-end link in PW, redirect & auto-login the user to the BC shop)
- Campaign Monitor (created a module to work with the Campaign Monitore API to assign subscribed PW members to a CM List)
- CMS Made Simple - Main site built in CMS Made Simple (header & footer pulled from CMSMS to display on the PW site on the same domain + some content). Ideally long term, main site will be converted 100% to PW.
- Viddler (no module, simply an included PHP file to access the Viddler API to pull site-restricted videos)

Site is built on ProcessWire 3.0.24 devns © 2016 using PHP v5.4.35

Immediate requirements:
1. Get site-initiated emails to send correctly using ProcessWireSmtp. Connection is OK and some emails go through but not all???
2. Stripe web hooks not working on live site but did on development site ??? User custom field not updated on receipt of Stripe hook event OR event not received at all ???
3. LazyCron does not seem to be working. Cache is recording times, etc but no notification emails being sent. Maybe related to point 1 or I have stuff in the wrong place.
4. Need front end 'Forgot Password' to work. Tried module FrontendUser but it wasn't satisfactory and have reverted to FormBuilder with custom layout, PW 3.0+ option D, for login (in dev not yet on live login page). Ideally ForgotPassword would work for either user entered username or useremail. Done thanks to 

Am sure I could post my issues in the forum but would rather solve these problems first then help others with "how to" forum posts.

Be my ProcessWire guru & PM me with your experience, hourly rate etc.


Edited by psy
Solved problems 1, 2 & 4 myself
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I can assist you with the work.. 

Please contact me at:- 
ian(dot)cisin10(at )gmail(dot)com 
S k y p e : cis(dot)ian 



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