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Using translatable strings outside normal page context


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I have saved a couple of string phrases inside my static code that need to be translated.

I saved those in the central site translation files.

What you would normally do then in the page-context is the following, which works without problems:

<?php echo __("This is my string."); ?>


Now, I have a situation, where I need one of those strings in a functions-file that is included in one of my templates.

As this is not the normal page-context, all ProcessWire objects need to be wrapped in the wire() function.


I tried to call my translatable strings in different ways, but without success:

$translation = __("My string"); // will always show the string in the default language

$translation = wire('this')->_("My string"); // call to member function on null

Would appreciate your advice.



I got it working now with the normal way that you would use in the page-context. Not sure what the problem was

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