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here is one of our recent processwire sites.

Since I am really terrible at talking about what and why we did things -- the main reason why our own website is, well, not-so-content-heavy ;), just have a look at the page and ask stuff if you are interested and I'll try to answer.


The Kulturregion is a group of towns and regions in the RheinMain area around and including the city of Frankfurt, and they orchestrate some common cultural events that are part of a greater topic, like "gardening culture" or "industrial heritage" with guided walks or concerts or talks and so on.

The old website didn't allow the editors, who already worked content-wise for the brochures and info leaflets, to add stuff themselves, so the site was not very actual.

We were tasked with the responsive webdesign and development, based on ideas and visuals of the graphic designer and collaboratively refined with working prototypes. the budget was super-tight, the time frame from first contact to launch was six months.

the site will continously be expanded with new features based on the editors and visitors input.

We are very happy with the decision to use processwire, which turned out to be a great tool for the different aspects of the site:

FRONTEND: since pw is completly markup agnostic, we could tailor the code using susy-grid and a sass/grunt build process to our needs and the changing art direction (in which we luckily had something to say as well)

BACKEND: during the development we had several spec-changes regarding the structur and content. pw's way of sticking together fields in templates could cover quickly every new or changed request

EXTERNAL DATA: using pw's api, it was very easy to import all the events' data as then editable pages, categories etc. categorization and relations to projects, searchability over dates - it took some headscratching and good thinking about the structure, but once in place, it was very flexible. and expandable, which is a important thing since this site will grow with each new "project" (the larger theme for events) that will be added.

All in all we a very happy with the result, which hopefully will always be work in progress :)


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