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Found 4 results

  1. I've create a map with multiple markes. Now I'd like to show it in a reveal modal (foundation 6), can someone help me? I would like to display the google map in a modal reveal, to be visible only when I click on "Open google map". It seems that what I did does not work properly and I do not understand why. Look here: http://jsfiddle.net/x6nqL3po/1388/
  2. Hello all. I hope it is OK to put this post here. I am currently not a ProcessWire user but instead I am looking at switching from Concrete5 to ProcessWire and have a few questions. My site contains information on hiking trails that is stored in number of related mySQL tables that are not part of the Concrete5 system. Each hike includes a detailed description, a map and a photo gallery with 20 or more images. The site uses a number of jQuery scripts for the photo gallery, trail ratings, a google map showing a gpx track and markers to display photos, etc. I am reading through the ProcessWire documentation but I am not seeing how I can easily recreate my site on ProcessWire. Could someone please point me in the right direction? Is it possible to link my tables to ProcessWire pages to display the information or does the data need to be moved into the processwire database? Can you load and call jQuery scripts from a template? I understand that people have written a variety of modules but I do not see all the modules I need. If I can not load and call jQuery scripts in a template is it difficult to create a module? Is there documentation about creating modules? It looks like images need to be uploaded to your system. I literally have images for over 300 hikes with 20 or more images per hike. Uploading all these images would be an onerous process. Is it possible for templates within the ProcessWire script to use images outside the ProcessWire system? My guess is the answers to all these questions are obvious if I just know where to look. Thank you.
  3. martind

    maps-api expert

    hi, we`re actually running an announcement for a clients project with custom google map implementation (complex custom styles, layers, info-windows) on a pw-backend. So the project scope includes both, a custom input-module based on google-maps (multiple markers with icon-library, layers from svg-polygons, also some tricky stuff like jogging-trails should be possible to enter visually, ..) as well as the rendering-engine for output on the website. On a later expansion stage, offline ios and android apps of the maps should be possible, only to think a little bit further. our agency and the clients are located in east-austria/vienna but realworld meetings aren`t a must have, collaboration and papers are primary in german, english is possible but not fully desired. For a detailed briefing (in german) please contact *** - ideally 2 reference projects in the field of maps-api are welcome, closing date for offers is Saturday the 19th of July (just a few days, I know). greets, martin
  4. Im having troubles to make this work; for some reason on the admin area i can set my market fine; but when i render the map y de frontend the marker just go difrent from i save. I dont see why the module is making the marks in drifrent location from save on the db. Edit1: when i change the map to hybrid mode the market show in the right location; but if i switch to roadmap the cursor move from the location. $markers = $page->children(); $map = $modules->get('MarkupGoogleMap'); print $map->render($markers, 'field_map', array('type' => 'ROADMAP'));
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