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Found 1 result

  1. Hey, i have three questions My new and current job is Head of Development ( but still - first project in this scale for me ) of an nonprofit organisation based in Munich Germany. The current Community-Website is based on custom PHP-Code 15years old spaghetti. I am planing right now to just through it into the trash and start over. What i want is a simple Framework which helps with the following: - To handle User-Roles and Permissions based on many different things - Provide a simple API where somehow in the future the developers don't have to be fullstack professsionals. - Provide a CMS for content pages So: I am really curios and also looking forward to work with process-wire. I will .. that's for sure (even when it's not for this project). I am impressed because processwire is what i am looking for many reasons. But: I want to be sure to take the right direction for this company now. - We have approx. 5k active users. - Maybe 3k at the same time. - But approx 600k registered users. - The users have the possibility to take actions, make configurations and access content based of plan's they buy monthly. - community internal currency - etc etc etc.. So my first question is: Do you see any gaps achieving this with processwire? I am just concerned about the enormes amount of user-data which i have to migrate to processwire maybe not everything but at least a big part of it. I am speaking of 200GB of mySQL Data. (right now splitted on 2x2 mySQL Cluster and maybe 15 DB's with maybe 30 tables each and approx. 20 columns each [a totally mess] - i still triyng to figure out the best way to give it a new structure ) The second question would be: Should i start with version 3.x now ? i think i need at least another 6 month to go on production with the first few parts of the application. Also do processwire provide upgrade-guarantie on the Pro-Modules like ProFields and or support for maybe community-modules which will not be upgraded to a newer version of the core fast enough? The third: I am thinking to handle processwire and vuejs together. (not laravel and angular - just because i have a bad feeling for the future with them) in generel would you suggest to use processwire as a selfmade API for singlepage applications and also we have to provide an API for developers to gather informations , Hybrid App etc. Somehow i have also to integrate the "new" clean projekt into the old environment means routing old<=>new for sections already finished and not of course. I appreciate any suggestions and advices very very much.
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