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Found 1 result

  1. I am starting a new project and ran across PW on the Bitnami list. I spent the time to install PW on my WAMP stack and take a look. I went through the Planet Tutorial and implemented HTML Jump start and the grids are working. I am amazed at how quickly I have ramped up to this point. I have a lot of Drupal module experience and can tweak Drupal modules. I have a lot of programming experience but little php. I am not worried about learning the needed PHP skill. Below is a list of the things I need to do for this site. My question is …..Can I learn the needed skills to produce this site faster in PW or Drupal. Drupal will get me 70% there will modules. PW I think more like 50% but after only working with PW a short period of time it seems I might be the other 50% done in PW faster than the 30% in Drupal ? I don’t know either API set (drupal hooks) but I started down the Drupal path and was discouraged quickly as it is learning a new language that is applicable only to Drupal and most likely makes sense after you are ramped up but right now look ill thought out. Drupal is great if you can get 95% there with modules. This project is more like 60% there with Drupal modules but I sure dislike the BLOAT and the resulting lack of speed. For this site I need. 1. Has to be tablet and phone responsive. 2. Easy two level nav bar (menu) 3. Has to manage orders as it is a service oriented e-commerce site. Shop for PW looks like 60% of what I need. 4. Need to easily be able to ask the users a series of questions and build an “order” based on the answers. Some of the questions will result in form changes that would ask yet different questions. So I need to look at some good code for DB interaction. Perhaps looking closer at Shop will ramp me up there since the DB interaction I need is all order related. 5. I need to interact with a tool that will calculate mileage from address A to Address B. 6. I need authorize.net payment gateway. 7. Standard social media like/follow 8. Contact Form with email to multiple email addresses. 9. I need to expose the Orders and other order related info to admin users that should only see the order management (none of the standard PW admin). This is pretty easily done in permissions in Drupal and it looks to be the case in PW also but I have not looked close enough yet. That is it…version 1 does not need sliders or anything flashy….maybe later. So if anyone out there knows the Drupal bloat and also knows PW and can venture an opinion which tool I can use to create this site faster I am all ears. Also any specific tutorials or other ramp up articles to read to understand working with MySQL would be great. Thanks Much JW
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