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  1. @WVLALocal33 hey guys i like epl. many people do. why do you just drop coverage of epl out of the blue?

  2. RT @MooseAllain: So it turns out 'confirmation bias' means exactly what I expected it to mean.

  3. @Davidachee haven't done that since the webos days. have fun. all things android are very difficult it seems.

  4. RT @BreauxShow24: prayers for my dawg @PjWilliams_26 ...

  5. convert the “-“ dash-delimited to camelCase in beck end. #beckend

  6. @geauxlong beautiful. is that the overflow pond?

  7. @Ben_Apperson count it!

  8. sinister, accurate, but not limited to apple. what if this outrage were shared with more pressing things... https://t.co/f7QsGUWuxh

  9. @dandydonlsu insane.

  10. Always ready already. https://t.co/h5K9nqqN59

  11. we weren't made to sit in chairs, isolated all day. we were made to actually *do* things.

  12. @MatthewSigur @ATT "Get excited! The next time you're in an emergency you'll get to enjoy the peace and quiet that only ATT can provide"

  13. @mackskarl the false narrative of "manliness" in regards to emotion definitely needs to end.

  14. ahem... dear baton rouge. https://t.co/NQg1WjvxGs

  15. feeling this hard lately. https://t.co/eAYMDwDFqE

  16. @loubyornotlouby @HillaryClinton ehhhh her silence on the flood probably sealed her fate down here.

  17. @TIMBARRYRVA that does not look like the bass we have down here, what kind is it?

  18. @chaseswindler good. I can't imagine how it feels, but glad you're staying positive.

  19. RT @LouisianaGov: The rumors that Red Cross and/or FEMA are handing out money vouchers at shelters is not true. #lagov #laflood

  20. A summary of help that people affected by the #laflood can reference for assistance. Please RT https://t.co/aozbFfj4S9

  21. RT @LouisianaFilmTV: Need cots, blankets, and pillows at @CelticStudios if the plan is to keep people here for a while. #BatonRougeFlood ht…

  22. @chaseswindler good luck bruh

  23. Stephen Moore, The Donald's Economic Adviser, Explains He's Not a "Big Believer" in Democracy https://t.co/F9pWkAvEXO . How surprising.

  24. agreed. but should UX debt be considered before technical debt? creates interesting philosophical consequences. https://t.co/UU8GL8G5ph

  25. RT @greggyb: Imagine you're homeless and someone gives you a prepaid smartphone. Now you can find shelters, free meals, search CL, get job…

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