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  1. Thank you... that is working But what is the relation between pagimages and the field?
  2. Hello, What is the correct way to add an manually created file to an existing imagefield. The new created file is in the same Folder where the page stores the files. Here what i tried. Runs without errors but doesnt add the file to the imagefield: // image_ok.jpg is the file which is stored in the imagefield // image_new.jpg is the manually created file and should be added to the imagefield of image_ok.jpg $pagefiles = $imageOK->pagefiles; $pagefiles->add('image_new.jpg' ); $page = $imageOK->page; $page->of(false); $page->save($pagefiles->name); What is wrong? Thanks.
  3. @bernhard i give it a try here a temporary hacky solution based on somas article about custom js in admin: http://soma.urlich.ch/posts/custom-js-in-processwire-admin/ // site/templates/admin.php $modules->get('JqueryCore'); $config->scripts->add($config->urls->templates . "scripts/changezoom.js"); require($config->paths->adminTemplates . 'controller.php'); // site/templates/scrips/changezoom.js $(function() { $("button.InputfieldImageButtonFocus").click(function() { setTimeout (function() { $(".focusZoomSlider" ).slider({max:99}) }, 200); }); });
  4. Yes i know the ImageSizerEngine php file calculates the scale with the function $scale = 1 + (($zoom / 100) * 2); and limits the zoom values from 2 to 70. I am using my own custom function to calculate a crop/zoom and build a image. I think it would be more logical to have a zoom-range from 0%-100% or 0.0-1.0. Where 100% means return the full image and 0% is an 0px image Anyway... is there some sort of "javascript hook" to change the slider component max value without manipulating the source files? Thank you
  5. Hello, I really like the new Features Focus and Zoom. Unfortunately the Zoom is limited to 50%. I looked in the sourcecode an found it hard coded in the file InputfieldImage.js zoomSlider.slider component. Any Chance to get the full range from 0 to 100. Thanks
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