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  1. Hi antknight That wouldn't work - like I wrote that would produce an error 500. However, I found the cause of the problem in the .htaccess file: #Options +FollowSymLinks Once I commented out this directive, the problem disappeared. I found the solution here: http://www.wallpaper...pache-t718.html And a general explanation of the directive here: http://www.webmaster...orum11/1962.htm I hope this helps others with the same problem. /Allan
  2. I am trying to install PW on squashtest.dk but get this error: "Unable to determine if Apache mod_rewrite (required by ProcessWire) is installed. On some servers, we may not be able to detect it until your .htaccess file is place. Please click the 'check again' button at the bottom of this screen, if you haven't already." 'Check again' then produces an error 500 without further details. I tried the different hints that have been suggested in this forum for this situation, including uncommenting RewriteBase / - no difference. I also tried deleting everything from .htaccess except RewriteEngine On, which allows me to proceed to the next step in the installation, but with another red error stating that .htaccess does not have what pw requires. phpinfo output is available here: squashtest.dk/php-infoXZ.php
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