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  1. Hi, first of all thank you for your reply. I will attach the screenshots of what I tried after reading the posts. I must have done something wrong because nothing changes when I save.
  2. Hi, I am not a professional programmer and this is the first time I use pw. I also did not create the website in the first place so I wonder if I should have pw downloaded on my laptop instead of just editing from the admin webpage. The website is in English and Italian. Dates in English work fine but when I switch to Italian the dates are shown in German (15 Juli instead of 15 Luglio). I read other topics including this one https://processwire.com/talk/topic/4469-output-date-language/ However, I do not know how to reach config.php to try and solve it that way, since I am a beginner. Does anybody happen to know how to fix this? Thank you.
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